What Makes Us Different:

Our Ownership and Operation Model

Unlike most hostels and cafés that cater to tourists in Sucre, we work towards becoming a women-owned and operated cooperative with majority Bolivian ownership. As an entrepreneurial incubator, we train participants for three months before deciding to incorporate them into ownership status. We strive to maintain a reflexive, innovative, democratic, and community-oriented decision-making environment among members in order to provide an alternative business model that promotes both success and equity.

Providing childcare, a personal/professional development training fund, and a living wage for all employees is essential to our operation and something we work towards every day. Additionally, the money you spend supporting what we do not only directly supports local Bolivian entrepreneurs, but it supports the heart of this project: our community programs. Everything we do is focused on fostering egalitarian relationships, whether it is how we manage our hostel or how we organize our programs to encourage travelers and locals to learn from each other. Hence, our ownership and operation model encourages individual and community economic growth through its double bottom line.

Environmentally, we also maintain a zero waste preference (e.g. farm-to-table ingredients, compost, natural cleaning products where possible, recycled goods basket, donation of leftover perishables, operating a food laboratory/community bowl).

Neighborhood Business Network

We understand what it’s like to travel and not know where to go for your basic goods and services. Therefore, we have established relationships with a variety of businesses that cater to most all of your needs. Although we could offer many of the things you may need in-house, we prefer to send you off to other local businesses. This way, you get to better support the local economy while meeting some of our other community members!

Whether it’s a particular stand from which to buy your fruits and veggies at the market, a local shop to pick up a bar of soap, or a good place to mend some of your clothes, all you have to do is look for our bright green sticker (to come; see below) on their shop window, cart, or stand to know you’re getting a fair deal.

Also, when we grow as a network by helping other businesses grow with us, we not only create a thriving economy, but we also create a safer community for ourselves.


Community Space (Downstairs)

IMG_0080 IMG_0064

Examples of activities and uses:

  • Pilates/stretch/yoga class
  • Documentary/films screening
  • Language exchanges
  • Offbeat artisan giftshop (coming soon)
  • Local art display (coming soon) 
  • Reading room
  • Weekly wally (Bolivian volleyball in a raquetball court)
  • Laboratory for new dishes/community bowl (coming soon)
  • Book and donation/exchange basket
  • Sunday community dinners
  • Space for local organizations’ meetings/fundraisers/events
  • Other various community workshops open to guests and the general public

Examples of personal and professional development workshops:

  • Financial education (creating a budget, opening a savings, good credit, saving $, earning)
  • Healthy and sanitary cooking (cross contamination, vitamin retention, keeping the peel, incorporating veggies/fruits/whole grains, reading nutritional facts)
  • Bolivian cooking class
  • Marketing 101
  • Traditional Bolivian dance
  • fitness classes
  • Social media
  • Typing
  • Art (Painting, sculpture, literature lectures)
  • Gardening
  • English basics

Be the change you want to see. Be the bee.