Our Family Tree

 No matter how big or how small, when you contribute to our project in any way, you’re helping us to grow our Family Tree. We won’t forget you, and to prove it, we’ll add you to our Family Tree of Awesome so it can keep growing beneath your eyes here and offline on our café wall.

The Beehive

(Cooperative Members Past and Present)

Amanda Pojanamat, Founder/Bee (USA/Thailand); Susana Valda, Bee (Bolivia)

The Roots Circle

(Grantmakers/Foundation Support, Individual Donors of $1000+, Community Partners, etc.)

David Cassidy (UK); Richard Maullin (USA)

The Trunk Circle

(Grantmakers/Foundation Support, Individual Donors of $500-$999, Long-term Interns and Volunteers, Partner Organizations, etc.)

 Dave Leech (USA); Janette Shuba (USA);


The Branches Circle

(Individual Donors of $200-$499, Medium-term Interns and Volunteers, Partner Organizations, etc.)

Agustina Diaz (Argentina); Anat Lipshitz (Canada); Cesar Bela Ramos (Bolivia); Chris Ehrmueller (Germany); Christina Madrid (USA); Corinna Schaeffer (Germany); Damon Binning (Australia); Dan Pojanamat (USA); Ingrid Kinlinger (Germany); James Moon (England); James Mouton (USA); Jobert Poblete (USA); Joshua Beard (USA); Julien Valentin (France); Kirsty Morrin (Scotland); Laura Barrett (UK); Matthias Greiter (Germany); Noi Pojanamat (USA/Thailand) 

The Leaves Circle

(Individual Donors of $15-$199, short-term volunteers, etc.)

Abi Gutierrez (Bolivia); Adam Castling (UK); Aileen Chang (USA); Amit Galili (Israel); Andrea Oros (Bolivia); Angela Hsiung (USA); Ania Madalinska (USA/Poland); Anja Carola Peschel (Germany); Anne Bek (Denmark); Anuja and Shankar Manjunatha (USA/India); Asiya Wadud (USA); Birant Yurteri (Turkey); Brent Nixon (Australia); Brooke Hopkins (New Zealand); Céline Drijkoningen (Belgium); Cheryl Smith (UK); Chris Dubs (Germany); Chris Schildt (USA); Connery Cepeda (USA); Cora Hagemann (USA); Daniel Kaiser (Germany); Dragons Andes and Amazon Spring 2013 Group A and Group B (Various); Edina Bohanec (USA); Egle Macijauskaite (Lithuania); Elizabeth Burch (USA); Eva Cloots (Belgium); Fabian Wiedercker (Germany); Faran Zeira (Israel); Fatima Saladino and Shan Zhao (USA); Fiona Hardman (England); Hayley Maitland (USA/UK); Ian Elder (USA); Janet Cruz (Bolivia); Jason Simmons (USA) ; John Phillips (USA); Jorge Rodriguez (Guatemala); Juan Pablo Lagrava (Bolivia); Kevin Lee (USA); Leslie Serrudo (Bolivia); Leyla Abbasi (Germany); Lisa Baumann (Germany); Lucy Mamani (Bolivia); Luis Guajardo (Mexico); Marie Bulion (France); Marie-Helene Forest (Canada); Marielena Orillas Bleichner (Bolivia); Marissa Ram (USA); Marlene De la O (USA/Mexico); Marlene Flores (Bolivia); Mathias Kaas (Denmark); Mauricio Quiroz (Bolivia); Max Eschelbacher (Argentina); Mee-Jung Tsang (USA); Mike Adachi (Japan-USA); Molly Aigner (USA); Morgan Riley (Australia); Nadine Sanchez (France); Nancy Walters (USA); Neeraja Natarajan (Singapore); Nicolas Dupuy (Canada); Nicole Medina (USA); Nikki Ferguson (USA); Omari Fuller (USA); Paola Quispe (Bolivia); Peter Liggins (New Zealand); Petra Damm (Germany); Philippe Boily (Canada); Rabea Brustat (Germany); Rajesh Parimi (USA); Ramon Rouse (USA); Reyna Arancibia (Bolivia); Rossio Lucas (Bolivia); Sean McSpadden (USA); Tom Wells (UK); Vico Sunagua (Bolivia); Virginie Lavoie Larouche (Canada); Vivek Rao (USA); Weimar Montaño (Bolivia)

*Please note: We will register your name and ask you for a clear photo to place on our wall. If you choose not to email us a photo, you get to choose from a picture of the following: a hamster on a piano, a french bulldog in a swing, or a rabbit with a pancake on its head. Therefore, please send us your photos so we can show you off to people and tell them how awesome you are!