We often receive  a common question, the capital city of Bolivia Sucre or La Paz? Generally each country has a capital, but in the case of Bolivia, a country located in the center of western South America and officially known as … Continue reading

Salt Flats

Salt Flats

Increible regalo de la Pachamana, es un paraiso frio con energia mágica que  nos hace estar seguros que la naturaleza es el mejor regalo que nuestra  tierra tiene. Durante muchos y muchos meses nuestros húespedes y voluntarios nos enseñan sus … Continue reading

Hellos and Goodbyes to New and Old Faces

Its been a very busy couple of weeks with lots of hellos and goodbyes and changing of roles (new and old volunteers coming and leaving) therefore we havent had a blog for a while but here we are back again!

Few weeks ago Gemma (from Scotland) and Ale (from Nicaragua), who are on a year long adventure in South America, joined us in the Beehive to work in the hostel and in the marketing side of things. They are loving their time here! Gemma is currently getting creative, designing a sign for the entrance of our new hostel and Ale is really enjoying helping to make the delicious breakfast for everyone in the mornings. The highlight of Gemma’s time here so far has been the Robert Burn’s Night dinner that we held last week for everyone in the hostel where we listened to traditional Scottish music, ate, drank cocktails and had a camp fire in the garden, it turned out to be a really nice atmospheric night. Ale’s highlight so far he tells me has been the weekly Wallyball (Bolivian version of volleyball which involves the use of walls as well as a net) that we play with our hostel guests. He may have sustained some injuries due to his competitive nature but he really enjoyed it and hopes people keep signing up to go and play each week.

Everyone has been mucking  in and helping to paint and clean the new hostel over the past couple of weeks – we are happy to announce that it is pretty much complete! We just need to put a few finishing touches to the breakfast area and a couple of the communal areas – we have some exciting ideas for murals for the walls.

Last week we had a visit from Danni and Alex, some previous volunteers who became great friends with The Beehive during the move from the old to the new hostel so it was so good to see them back again! They stayed with us for nearly a week and left us with some lovely painted walls and chairs and steps and some newly planted vegetables and flowers in the garden.

Another volunteer who left us last week was Elodie from France, a great character with a motherly nature who will be missed around the hostel. Elodie did lots of painting of the new hostel when she was here with us aswell as serving breakfast and checking people in and out. Before leaving Elodie told us that she found her time in The Beehive really interesting. She had also been really keen to help in our community centre but unfortunately had not had the time. She said that she had loved working with all of us here especially Raymunda and Paola who really added to the great ambiance that we have here. Elodie said that she really liked getting to know the motivated volunteers that work here with us. In the future she says that she will return to this beautiful city to visit us and that one day she would like to own her own hostel in her home town and we can form an exchange between the women who work here in the hostel and those who work there. Thanks Elodie!

Elodie left us at the end of last week for sunnier climates in Brazil and in her place, we got Emily!Emily is the Beehive’s newest volunteer. She flew all the way to us from Birmingham at the start of this week where she usually works in an a care home for the elderly, she is a really caring person who loves to learn new things and have new experiences. She was a bit scared at first because she had never traveled to South America before, or traveled on her own, but she is now settled in and has started Spanish classes with us which she is really enjoying. She also tells me that her favourite part of The Beehive is the downstairs sofa, where she can be found reading and relaxing when she is not working.

We are also happy to welcome Maddie from Sucre to our team in the the hostel this week. She has been helping us to make the breakfast in the morning and will soon be helping with check-ins etc. in the hostel. She is currently learning English and is having fun practicing talking to our English/Scottish volunteers. She also makes a mean Tiramisu which we are all extremely excited to try!!

We have also had a group of International Development students staying with us for a week who are from Norway. They are studying lots of interesting development topics that affect the local people of Sucre and the surrounding area such as different types of water management and the use of medicinal plats vs modern medicines. On Thursday night we had a celebration dinner of Mexican food for them as they leaft the next day – a group of local children from the Centro Cultural also came to play some traditional music for us which was lovely and really exciting!

Much love,
The Bees.

Dakar en Uyuni

Dakar pasó por Bolivia. Emosionante carrera que ha tenido a mas de un boliviano y extranjero hirbiendo la sangre en el cuerpo. La concentración de gente fue impresionante en Uyuni. Gente de todo el mundo pero muchos más bolivianos disfrutando este evento. Increible ventana al mundo que por un par de días nos ha tenido en consideración como uno de los destinos mas impresionates para visitar , y , definitivamente lo es. Vale la pena visitar El Salar.

Muchos se tuvieron que quedar parados en Sucre, debido a  falta de logistica para llegar, precios que estaban por los cielos, no había suficientes lugares de hospedaje, información precaria y muchos increiblemte no sabían sobre el Dakar. Algunos otros se aventuraron y solo hicieron un dedo para lograr llegar y lo hicieron. Martin, uno de nuestros húepedes en el hostel lo hizo y volvió con muchas historias y fotografías de su experiencia.  El dijo que fue impresionante la cantidad de personas que habían distribuidas alrededor del camino y los pequeños cerros.

Asi se vive Bolvia, asi se siente Bolivia tan natural como ella misma. Las experiecias para que sean buenas debes tener la mente abierta y no esperar lo que no existe, tal vez solo descubrir como es la forma de vida en este hermoso país. Amo Bolivia.

Dakar passed through Bolivia. It was an exciting rally that has seen more Bolivians and foreigners alike ¨hirviendo la sangre¨. The concentration of people in Uyuni was impressive (more than 150,000 people). People from all over the world (but many more Bolivians, I think) enjoyed this event. It was an incredible window to the world for a couple of days and we consider its location to be one of the most impressive destinations to visit (truly it is). It is definitely worth visiting the Salt Flats.

Many had to stay in Sucre longer than expected due to logisitical problems in Uyuni, such as skyrocketing prices, lack of accomodation for so many people, poor information, and the fact that many people did not know about the Dakar until they reached Uyuni or a nearby city.  Some others ventured there alone and hitchhiked in order to arrive in Uyuni.  Martin, one of our guests in the hostel, did this and returned with many stories and photographs of his experience. He said it was amazing how many people had been densely scattered around the sidewalks, small hills, cars, etc.

So that is life in Bolvia and why it feels so natural to be here. For experiences to be good, one must have an open mind and not expect what it is not possible to have, and perhaps they just might discover the authentic way of life in this beautiful country. I love Bolivia.

Christmas season! Temporada de Navidad

La  navidad es mágica para muchos y para otros solo es un día más. En Bolivia, en cada casa se celebra la navidad con mucho compromiso y fé.  Esto me hace recuerdo cada año no solo a que debemos poner nuestro árbol navideño y darnos regalos entre los que vivimos en una casa, sino a celebrar que el niño Jesús ha nacido y con él nuevas esperanzas. Nuestra tradición es tener un pequeño niño que nace cada 24 de diciembre. Esperamos todo el mes que llegué y en  honor a esta bendición unimos nuestras copas y festejamos con abrazos y mejores deseos. Muchas familias deciden vestir al niñito con ropa típica de Bolivia y algunos tejidos según su identidad y cariño. Soy boliviana y esto siempre lo he vivido en casa con mi familia. Ese cariño al nacimiento del niño Jesus armando el pesebre para esperarlo y brindar por lo que nos ha dado y pedir sus bendiciones. Con mucha sorpresa, fue mágico y especial encontrar en el hostel en una pequeña esquina del cuarto  naranaja un pequeño niño jesus con vestido indigena de mi pais, escondido con las flores y una velita que estuvo encendida todos los días. Fue muy significativo encontrarlo, inmediantamente busqué a la húesped y pregunté sobre él, me soprendió saber que quiere tanto aprender sobre Bolivia y recordar a su familia. Fue un momento emotivo sentir una conexión de fé.