Staying on top of our game through winter.

Ahoy hoy! So what’s new this week?

Well we’ve finally officially hit high season and will hopefully be done installing the water tank this week! Sadly, not in time for the drought we’ve had over the past few days though. The water has been cut off/slowed down to a trickle for the past two days throughout the city, meaning that lots of folks without water tanks (i.e. the majority of people in town, including us!) have been without water! Guests have had to go without showers and the washing machine doesn’t have enough water pressure to wash our sheets, but hopefully they’ll fix the broken pipes or whatever is going on down there soon.

We’re now signing the contract to get the lockers made. More expensive, but the guy is a friend of ours and more reliable than the last (who ran away to Santa Cruz with half of the money put down as a deposit). We’ve had to change our prices to help pay for these upgrades. Now those who book online will be charged 72Bs and we’re changing our email reservations and walk-ins to 65Bs. Breakfast will now always be included.

We’re also looking to hire another person to cover the shifts as one member has had to leave due to lack of investment funds. She may return later when she comes up with enough to buy a sufficient number of shares in a few months. We’re really sad to see her go, but sacrifices need to be made because along with those sacrifices comes the conscious commitment and investment to the project that will be necessary to keep it running in the long term. Either way, the paperwork needs to begin and it needs to begin now.

A new volunteer, Anat, came to us this week just in the nick of time again! With Amanda off to Oruro finally to pick up supplies, shifts had to be covered and Anne, our other long-term volunteer had to cover all the nights. Anat will be staying for a couple weeks at least, giving us all a bit of a break. And now things should be stocked up enough for a houseful of guests! Enough mugs, plates, bowls, utensils, pots and pans, blankets, and so on. No more fretting about people breaking things and not having enough supplies. As the workload increases, we’ll have to figure out smarter ways to streamline tasks in the house, get supplies delivered to us, and so on. So much to do and so little time and energy to do it. Due to all the work, all of us have found ourselves constantly run down and sick. Now that winter is here, it’s just going to get better if we don’t get smarter about things. So here’s to increased efficiency this season!