Café (Not Available Right Now)

Although we offer our in-house guests breakfast as part of their stay, we also offer breakfast and lunch a la carte to those who just want to come and try one of our healthy and wholesome dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, we’ve also become quite famous for our cakes and baked goods that may be the only in town that remind you of home!

We open from 10am-3pm Tuesdays to Saturdays. On Sunday evenings, we also make home-cooked meals for insiders and outsiders alike to enjoy with us in our Beehive (on demand). Our menu may be small, but what we do, we do deliciously!


  • Veggie frittata with whole grain toast
  • Fruit salad with natural yogurt and homemade granola
  • Oatmeal with different spices and mixed seeds/fruit/nuts
  • Whole grain pancakes with a side of fruit
  • Whole grain french toast with a side of fruit
  • *All breakfast comes with one coffee or tea


Soup of the day (some typical offerings):

  • Curry lentil
  • Vegetarian chili
  • Quinoa veggie
  • Thai chicken and rice porridge
  • Chicken noodle
  • Creamy tomato basil
  • Creamy potato leek
  • Red Mexican pozole
  • Sopa de mani
  • Roasted coconut pumpkin curry

Panini Melts (on whole grain bread):

  • Veggie pesto melt
  • Tuna salad melt
  • Ham and cheese melt
  • *All choices come with a fresh side house salad with honey mustard dressing


  • House salad — lettuce with a mix of veggies topped with avocados, cheese, nuts, and dried cranberries
  • Caesar salad — with homemade dressing and croutons topped with shredded cheese

Sweets (some typical offerings):

  • Multigrain carrot-ginger muffins
  • Banana bread with chocolate chips
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Red Velvet cake
  • Lemon buttercream cake
  • Amaranth cornbread
  • Cheesecake

Non-alcoholic drinks:

  • Spicy Mexican hot chocolate
  • Herbal and caffeinated teas
  • Turkish-style coffee
  • Chai lattes
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit shakes
  • Lemonade

Food Laboratory/Community Bowl:

We love experimenting with new recipes! All food from the food lab is priced on a sliding scale. If you have the ability to pay, what you put in goes towards feeding someone who can’t otherwise afford the meal.