The city of Sucre, a place to consider…

The most beautiful colonial city, where Bolivia was founded.

The mild and temperate climate in really enjoyable. Blue sky, white building and relax atmosphere, its the kind of city who you will staying much longer than planed. As the writer Dominique Fernadez said: ” If Sucre where in Europe, it will be as known as Sienna or Prague. Like a miracle, nothing is damaged , and the original charm still there.”

With fourteen universities, and more than fifty schools, it’s as well a really living and energetic city. If you are interested, you can also study really easily in this beautiful city, there is a lot off Spanish school for every level.

Easy to get in from: Uyuni, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, la Paz, Oruro, Tupiza and Tarija.

If you like trekking, you can also enjoy the different trek in the Jalaqa village close to Sucre. Written by Lena Vaerman

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