Saying Goodbye To Our Longest Volunteers At Our New Beehive

Anna and Ash Volunteers at The Beehive SucreThis week we said goodbye to our longest volunteers at our new Beehive address – Ash and Anna. Ash has been traveling for three years and is finally returning to his home in the UK next week and Anna is traveling on through South America and heads back to Denmark in summer in time to start University. Both of them, along with friends and other awesome volunteers helped us move from our old Beehive to our new one which was a huge effort!

Thanks to everyone, we got almost everything taken from one property to the other in just one day! Unfortunately the bunk beds wouldn’t fit up the new stairways so we had to tie ropes around them and hoist them up. Within just a few days we had rooms painted, beds made, the kitchen up and running and our first official guest – Daniel from Germany.

Beds Beehive Sucre DownBeds Up Beehive Sucre

Because we’ve changed our address we unfortunately lost all of our wonderful reviews on Hostelworld. Hopefully these will build up again quickly and get the Beehive buzzing 🙂 Christmas is right around the corner and we’re looking forward to cooking a big Christmas dinner for all of our guests and friends.

The Beehive Sucre Truck The Beehive Sucre Beds

The Beehive Sucre End of a Long Day

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