The little things that move us slowly forward…to #1!

Hello, world!

Sorry for the delay! So, what’s been happening at The Beehive?

Brooke and Sarah, two of our guests hosted a BBQ in the garden, introducing the perfected altitude-adjusted chocolate cake recipe with dark chocolate ganache! It was so loved by all that we decided to have a baking workshop the next week with “Todo chocolate” being the theme of the class. About 16 people were in attendance for the workshop itself. Everything turned out deliciously and we washed down our cookies and cake with several ice-cold glasses of milk!

2013-09-22 03.16.42

We also went on a little field trip to Las Palmas, which had perfect weather while we were there. Great food, great service, and a great time. Of course, transportation is always a bitof a sticky issue here in Bolivia, but everyone eventually got back home and in good time. The owner of Las Palmas offered to connect us with taxi drivers that will pick us up in the city and bring us straight there and back next time, so that will make this summer and trips to Las Palmas a whole lot easier for us!

A US-based muralist, known as Molly Keen, came to the house earlier this week. She offered to paint a mural for us in exchange for paints, room, and board. We happily took her offer to finally get our Family Tree painted in the passageway/entrance of the house. It took her a few days and it came out wonderfully. We’re very excited to start printing out the pictures of our supporters to add onto the various levels of the tree so we can showcase all the people who have helped and continue to help make this project happen!

2013-09-23 22.42.19

Also, these past few weeks have seen us transform the wine bottle graveyard we have slowly created from our guests’ unrecyclable bottles out in the front yard into decorative vases and drinking glasses! Brooke, a long-term guest decided to take on the task that others previously decided to give up on. Recruiting Matthias and Ingrid along with other guests, she successfully found a way to cut the glass bottles with fire and cold water. After the tedious task of sanding the edges down, the cups were finally able to be put to good use! We’re so lucky to attract guests who are interested in creative sustainability projects! Maybe if there is interest, we can also host a workshop to teach folks how to do this at home!

2013-09-11 16.35.19     2013-09-11 16.34.50

2013-09-11 16.33.34    2013-09-23 06.42.00

Matthias and Ingrid will be leaving next week and we now have Hayley staying with us as a guest until she and another Argentinian gal, Agustina, replace them for the month of October. We’re really grateful to have them and they both seem very interested in contributing to the programming side of things as well, so that will make weekend activities a whole lot easier on us, at least for this coming month!

Some guests have taken to playing wally so much that we’ve now got groups going for more than our regular two nights a week! Wally is so much fun and luckily we have a court around the corner so that we can arrange a quick game when the feeling’s right. Now that we’re in low season, however, we’re going to have to make sure we get enough folks to cover both sides of the court each time. So, we might start advertising a bit more to get others to join.

Amanda was invited to an interview on the local Radio Encuentro radio program called “Mujeres sin Fronteras” which broadcasts every Tuesday. The show interviews foreign women living in Sucre to ask them about their experiences as a woman living abroad and the differences between their home experiences and that in Sucre, etc. Since Radio Encuentro, run by the local feminist organization Las Juanas, is also one of the most listened to stations in Sucre, hopefully this means more publicity for the project as we’re still looking to train at least one more woman to work full time with us.

Speaking of publicity, a couple that also owns a hostel in Uruguay, has also invited us to be a part of their documentary. They are traveling throughout the region interviewing people working on projects similar to ours and theirs in order to create a network of likeminded, sustainable, and creative hostel-hubs throughout South America. Although the protests in Potosi have thrown a bit of a wrench in their arrival time along with their filming throughout Bolivia, they should hopefully arrive in time for this weekend’s language exchange and community dinner!

Julia, at the encouragement of Susi and Amanda, as well as several guests and volunteers, has decided to start offering a weaving class at the house. Elizabeth, a volunteer teaching her to read and write Spanish for the month, is helping her to describe the weaving process from start to finish and put it down on paper in order explain the history, tradition, and process to those wanting to learn and try their hand at helping to create traditional blankets used in the countryside.

2013-09-23 22.40.28

Although Julia will continue working with us, she has also decided due to her failing health, that she will only be able to work a few days a week. Since her children are also still young and her husband unable to care for the household while she is at work, she will be dedicating the rest of her time to making sure they go to school, eat, and so on. We will be hiring another woman to work with us the other days in order to make sure that we can still stay on top of things here. Hopefully this new woman will also be able to work Sundays in order to help us as we start offering Sunday dinners to guests and anyone else who would like to join.

The best recent news of all is that that we’ve reached #1 on TripAdvisor! Thanks to every one who left us an honest review, still giving us great reviews despite the fact that we’re still a work in progress. Admittedly, we still have a lot to work and improve on to make things consistently great and to turn the project into what we envisioned it to be. It’s great to see that our work is being appreciated and we feel really honored to have reached #1 out of 29 in less than a year! And that, my friends, concludes this week’s catch up on what’s been going on at The Beehive!

Yay for spring!

The Beehive Staff

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