A spring of new ideas and beginnings!

What a wonderfully uneventful week we’ve had! Great news is that we’ve finally gotten all of Julia’s exams back and there seems to be nothing extremely serious affecting her health. Our constitution for the project will be signed and ready soon. Folks are beginning to make their way back to pilates classes after two weeks without a soul in sight. Wally is as popular as ever and staying strong for both Wednesdays and Sundays. We’ll be getting more needed furniture this month (after we’re sure we have enough for rent!) and after the entrada for the Virgin de Guadalupe is over and we can transport it all back home. Now that the leak in the wall near the front entrance has been fixed and the wall patched up, we’ve finally been able to put on a coat of paint and cover up the eyesore! All of our rooms finally have a complete set of sheets for all the beds. Now we just need to work on finding enough cloth in the right color to make duplicate sets! We’ve spoken with some friends whose daughters are interested in helping us start more regular weekly communal meals and then slowly progressing to expanding our cafe in the next few months. Lastly, we’re moving into wet season/summer here soon, so it should be about time to start thinking of doing something in the garden to plant some veggies and herbs. Julia will also be headed to the countryside to plant her crops for the coming year soon and someone suggested that it might be a good idea to offer guests the possibility of paying Julia to teach them how to plant crops and show them what it’s like to live a day in her shoes. Along with this, Julia brought her weaving materials to show folks how to weave traditional blankets out of sheep wool. Guests or anyone else who is curious could pay Julia directly to have her teach them how to weave and help her create traditional textiles! If this sounds like a good idea, we will start putting ads up for this in the next week! Julia is such a sociable and patient person and has lots of fun teaching our guests in the garden. Hopefully this will be another way through which she can support herself and her family and improve their quality of life!

Until next week!

The Beehive Staff

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