Contest application submitted!

This week we’ve finally created an account with, the main portal for placing traveling volunteers with host families, organizations, etc. We’ve already got some bites for October and November, so this should make things easier to plan than simply using Couchsurfing and having folks turn up at random sometimes. It’s time to start figuring out more manageable ways to find volunteers, especially ones that can stay for a longer amount of time at the outset. Up until now, most of our volunteers have agreed to our two week minimum only to stay for at least a month or longer. However, it would be nice to have a more stable and established stream of volunteers as we move forward.

With that being said, Aileen and Omari will no longer be in Sucre. We welcomed Cora to The Beehive this week. She’ll be staying for a few weeks, and it has been refreshing and lovely to have her and Laura’s good humor and helping hands with everything. They’ve been a great support these days.

We finally figured out how to allow check-ins on Facebook as well. Ramses had created a separate account somehow, so folks were checking in to some other page, but now folks can check in with us on our page directly! Also, a representative from Tripadvisor also called us and told us that we have had lots of traffic on our page and that we were doing a great job! If more people write us positive reviews, she said we could even move up from #2 to #1 of 29 specialty accommodations in Sucre! So if you’re reading this and have been here and like what we’re about, we really encourage you to write us a positive review on TripAdvisor!

Lastly, we have been working on an application for a contest sponsored by the Mayor’s office this week. It needs to be submitted by Monday, 12th. Essentially it’s a call for new ideas, innovations in old ones, etc. that fall under five different categories, one of them being tourism and culture. Hopefully we’ll at least be selected to receive one of the prizes of technical assistance, even if we aren’t one of the two that will be selected for the additional $5,000 cash prize. There are over 1000 applications that have been submitted, but given how buggy the website is, it is possible that a significant proportion of these will be unfinished/false/duplicate accounts. We worked really hard on this and are really proud of our effort.  Hopefully we’ll hear back soon. Wish us luck!

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