Mexican cooking night, plumbing issues, and rules reinforcement.

This week has been packed with all the good stuff. We’ve had a lot more folks coming through and staying for a bit, so our Wally Wednesdays (and now Sundays!) are a big hit! This Sunday, we all had such a great time that we ended up overstaying our two hours and playing for three hours until 9pm, when folks were basically getting a tad bit too competitive from being so hungry!

Amanda’s friend, Ramses, came for the week and decided to teach a Mexican cooking class Saturday night, which was  an absolute blast. The food was amazing and there was surprisingly enough for 24 people. Too many cooks in the kitchen, but at least that meant there were plenty of helpful hands on the cleaning crew. After everything was all cleaned up, many of us went out to Joy Ride’s 12th Anniversary Party. Though Susi and Amanda had special invitations that gave out vouchers for free drinks, all the guests that came with got free drinks well into the night and were quite happy for the hook up.

2013-07-27 04.36.40    2013-07-27 04.37.11 2013-07-27 04.37.29    2013-07-27 05.04.30

On Sunday, Omari and Aileen also led a Flower Power Hour for their Sunday Random Act of Kindness activity. They and our newest volunteer, Laura, who we brought on to help with the chores so that Omari and Aileen could focus more on the workshops, went off for a walk around town with some guests to pass out flowers to strangers, getting foreign guests to interact more with locals by making their day!

flowerpower2    flowerhour1 flower3

All in all, this week has been a busy and very fun one indeed! Lots of activity also means lots of things breaking and falling apart as well. But that is to be expected. We also found that the wall that was crumbling apart due to water damage that we repaired before opening was beginning to crumble again and start leaking! Of course, the landlord reassured us that there was no real water damage, just humidity from the past rainy summers here. Unfortunately, she was wrong and we now have a mysterious leak most likely coming from the second floor bathroom and leaking all the way down to the first floor entrance. If we repair it, there will be a big mess from having to break open the plaster and wait for fairly unreliable handymen to come around to fix the wall and the bill will most likely be on us (since the landlord will deny that there was any leak beforehand), and if we don’t repair it, the unsightly crumbling will continue and the mold and possible fungus will be intolerable. Of course, our wonderful plumber, who never comes when he says he will (but at least comes eventually, although at the most inopportune and inconvenient times) will have to find the leak, which may take a while since he has yet to figure out why it is that the Green Room’s shower still runs hot and cold despite the fact that the Orange Room’s shower runs consistently hot and is powered by the same automatic hot water heater that the Green Room’s shower is on.

In other news, Julia is slowly progressing with her Spanish reading skills and there will be more workshops to come this next coming week. We’ve decided to become a lot more strict with the rules that we have already set as Omari and Aileen, in their very American way, are dedicated to following things through to the T. That means that when we say that we will unplug the doorbell after a grace period when the door is set to close, they will actually unplug the doorbell. Although this may not be the way we would necessarily do things, there’s really nothing that we can do about it since we want our volunteers to be able to sleep and be happy here as well. So that’s that. Signs have been posted all over to better inform folks of how things in the house run. Fliers are getting out on time and things have been running more efficiently! So, besides the continuing plumbing issues, things have been running relatively smoothly and we are a house of happy hens here at the Beehive!

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