Random Acts of Kindness Hour, Susi’s Birthday, Wally Wednesdays, and a New Map?

This week we welcomed Aileen, Omari, and Ramses, three of Amanda’s friends from home, and said goodbye to Cheryl, Adam, and Tom! Aileen and Omari will be volunteering at The Beehive until the end of August and have set up some hefty tasks for themselves. They decided to try to institute a Random Acts of Kindness hour every Sunday, beginning at 4:30pm. This Sunday’s activity was creating a mural of positive messages in chalk on the sidewalk out front. The two have also posted signs up throughout the hostel to better inform guests of their responsibilities throughout the house. Hopefully, this will mean a smaller mound of dirty dishes for staff to wash and no more toilet paper in strange places! On top of teaching Julia how to read and write in Spanish and tutoring her daughter English, they are organizing a number of different workshops, including meditation, basic computing, and cuban dance. If there is time (and energy), they will also be offering a non-violent communication and mediation class, an Adobe Creative Suite basics series of workshops, and perhaps a healthy eating habits and body image workshop. There is a possibility that this may be far too much to accomplish and so we may consider bringing on another volunteer to help balance the workload.

 IMG_19991231_195030 IMG_19991231_195437 IMG_19991231_200546


We are now looking to replace Lisa and Anja, our English teachers for the local orphanage. They will be going back to Germany in a few more weeks. Hopefully we can find a longer-term replacement so that the girls can continue to take English classes on a regular and stable basis.

Eva, one of our guests, was kind enough to help start the project of creating our very own Beehive map of what we like in town and where people ought to visit during their stays. We hope to get around to creating this map soon so that guests will always have it on hand! We are also working on getting our About Us board up this week so that folks know who we are and what we do.

This week was also Susi’s birthday. We celebrated pretty much all week long. The finale was a nice, joint dinner party with our friend, Emilie from Oxfam-Quebec, at La Taverne.

2013-07-20 06.36.21    2013-07-20 06.35.32

Lastly, our once-a-week house Wally (Bolivian volleyball in a raquetball court, using the walls) game has been going great. We’re shooting for Wally Wednesdays, but Sunday seems to be a popular day as well. This Sunday, we had some Bolivian kids join our game and played for a half hour past our time, despite the lights being shut off on us. If only we had a glow-in-the-dark ball. Either way, it was a blast. Hopefully we’ll have enough numbers to keep it up once a week!

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