Julia: the godsent.

Julia started her first week at The Beehive this past Monday and from the beginning has been absolutely wonderful. It’s so hard to find a reliable person and not only is she reliable, but she’s friendly, curious, eager to learn, catches on to things quickly, and quickly takes initiative. The guests love her as much as we do and we’d really love to support her in any way we can. She lives quite far away and has a lot of responsibilities at home, but if she’s open and interested, we may increase her responsibilities over time and so she can really find her place in the project. When you meet people who have so much potential, you have to support them. After all, this is what this project is really for!

Since Julia has started, our lives have been running so much more smoothly. Susi has still been run down and under the weather, but as soon as she has recuperated, we will need to start organizing more workshops and working on the marketing aspect of things to get more folks into the house. Like other businesses, we need to keep getting our cards out, encouraging people to leave us good reviews, and maintaining our relationships with other places in and out of town. However, these past two weeks have been pretty relaxing in a good way.

On Thursday Adam and Cheryl spearheaded a family dinner, making dinner for 15 for the first time in their lives. It was fun and delish though, without a doubt. So thanks to them for taking the initiative. Tom is also contemplating organizing various activities before he leaves as well. So we’ll have lots to look forward to. Omari and Aileen will be arriving in a week or so. We’ll be offering classes on basic computer skills while Omari is here and Aileen may be teaching some classes on teaching, since she is currently getting a PhD in education! Lots to look forward to as we end this wonderfully uneventful week!

2013-07-03 22.01.36

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