New helpers and continuing to tie up loose ends.

Yay! The water tank has finally been installed and we have consistently piping hot showers in all bathrooms now. The wifi was also giving us trouble all week long, so the technician finally came by and did some kind of a firmware update and explained that the radio base went down and that’s why the internet was una mierda recently. But it all seems to be okay…for now. We’re signing the contract for the lockers today as well, so they should be done in a a few weeks! What’s left then? Extra sets of sheets and installing a hot water line to the kitchen sink so we needn’t boil water to do the dishes anymore. Slowly, but surely we’re streamlining the processes to make better use of our time!

A new volunteer also came to us this week and she’ll be staying for two weeks or more. We also have another friend of our Oxfam friends who is looking to help us out and can probably stay for about 10 months! Now we’re also looking for someone to help clean the house. There are just too many things to take care of and to spend so much time cleaning at this point isn’t very productive. So the hunt is really on for a trustworthy cleaner now.

We had a reservation for 24 Bolivian dancers for this Saturday and they again canceled at the last minute after we had bought enough supplies to feed 30 people for breakfast and told all our guests they had to clear out by Saturday. Again, no deposit was taken down and we were  left with an abundance of food and a house almost as empty as we had in the early days. Booking groups, especially for only one night really doesn’t seem a wise decision for a small operation and may cause more hassle than anything. We may decide in the future that should big groups want to book with us, they will need to provide us with a 50% deposit and also stay for a minimum of two nights.

With the dancers supposedly coming, we decided not to organize any workshops for this week. This week may also be busy with catching up on things and trying to get the big stuff out of the way, so we may not have that much time to do any workshops this upcoming week either. However, with more help starting this week, we hope to offer something interesting for the following week! Stay tuned!

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