Lots of changes as we move into high season!

This has been an interesting past two weeks. Again, things got super busy again, making us realize that we really need to be more prepared with things to accomodate larger influxes of people now that we’re really moving towards high season. More sheets need to be made, lockers, and so on. At least we got the first part of the water tank installed. The plumber disappeared, however, so we’re not sure when Part II of the water tank will be beginning again…he’s told us Monday, though. Fingers crossed!

We finally got a larger fridge. Well, the first one wasn’t working and then we had it replaced and now there is finally room in the fridge!!! Friends of Amanda’s also come from the States and were awesome enough to truck two suitcases of supplies for the hostel. No more making one pancake at a time. We now have griddles!!!

Our lost little kitten was finally adopted by a friend of ours in town. We were a little sad, and though we miss her, it was for the best. She was just getting more and more sneaky about getting into the house, rather than learning that she was simply not allowed in the kitchen. She was loved, however. She was loved.

Now that the blockades have been temporarily lifted for the next month of negotiations, it means we’ve got relatively clear sailing to Oruro to go get supplies for the kitchen upstairs and other things for the house. Apologies to all the folks before! We’ll finally have more plates, mugs, and other things by next week.

In terms of workshops, one of Amanda’s friends taught a Daoist meditation workshop, while the other taught two cardio kickboxing classes! Both were a great success and several folks around the neighborhood asked if there would be more of them. They both decided this week that they would be moving to Sucre in a couple months, so it looks like we’ll be offering regular meditation sessions and kickboxing classes come this fall!


     2013-05-20 20.28.07        2013-05-21 19.38.44


Last week we also had a great Italian cooking class in which our Argentinian chef/volunteer, Max, taught people how to make their own pasta and pasta sauces. It all turned out amazingly delish. Cooking classes may be a big mess, but they sure are lots of fun!

2013-05-18 19.43.15

We also said goodbye to Luis and Marie, our fantastic volunteer-friends. In came Anne and Max. Anne will be staying for a couple more months, while Max will continuing his travels starting on Monday. We have another gal coming in this next week, but if anyone is interested in volunteering with us in June, please let us know!

Lastly, we came to the realization that we’re really just breaking even for each guest! Yikes! There’s lots of stuff that we offer that other places don’t and it comes with a price. At the end of the day, we’re the most expensive place in town, by a couple dollars, but what we offer is pretty great. There are more things that need to be paid for and finished, such as the water tank and so on, so it doesn’t make sense to charge as little as we do. So come June, we will be charging a little more for most of our workshops, beds, breakfast, and so on. At this point we’re really just bleeding money and so it’s become necessary to raise prices to cover the costs better, especially since at this point none of us are receiving a salary and salaries will need to be paid out by the end of this month as we re-organize the project financially to allow for staff and “shareholders.” Hopefully this won’t be too much of a problem as word is getting around that we’re a special place. At the end of the day, we have to keep this sustainable, and just trying to keep our heads above water is not going to work in the long run. Hopefully we haven’t hit our price point yet though!

Until next week, Happy Birthday Sucre!
The Beehive

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