Limbo-ing and putting out fires.

This past week has been quite an interesting one. Still no word on the sheets, the chairs, or the plumber for the water tank. On top of this, a nationwide transportation strike has taken over the town. Big trucks have been parked at all the exits to the city and it sounds like the blockades will be continuing and getting more intense if something isn’t resolved in court to alleviate the tax burden on big transport. What has this meant for us? Guests have been trapped. Some have made reservations and haven’t been able to get through the blockades into Sucre. Food prices are rising and some things are getting harder to find. All of this translates to a steady and growing number of guests at the house. Although it’s great to have business, it’s not so great to have listless travelers living in limbo and hoping to leave but unable to. We want happy guests!

As things get more intense, we’ve also been unable to travel ourselves in order to get needed items for the hostel. We’re getting along fine so far, but hopefully things won’t continue to worsen. Our house is basically filling up and with food getting scarce and no one working or able to travel, we’re not quite sure what’s going to happen during the coming week.

This week we took a rest on the workshops, but should be resuming things this weekend with a language exchange and a community kitchen cooking session. We’ve cancelled our morning pilates classes, but the evening classes seem to be filling up so much that we may start offering more sessions. We’ll also have to start charging more as they take a lot of time up as well. Most folks don’t seem to mind, and we’re still cheaper than the gym!

All in all though, with everything so unsettled, it’s getting more and more difficult to manage the hostel without more help. And help indeed we need as we’d like to be able to spend as much time focusing on the community center aspect of the project rather than the hostel, which is essentially just there to help support our community programs. Therefore, we’ve decided to start taking on two volunteers at a time when possible so as to free up our time to focus on other projects. So, if anyone is interested, please let us know!!!

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