Improving outreach for workshops and big family dinners.

Sorry for the delay in the update, folks. There wasn’t much to report last week. As for this week, our sheets lady got closed down by the tax collectors, so we still don’t have our sheets. The plumber keeps saying he’ll come by and begin the installation of the water tank for the showers for the Green and Orange Rooms, but still hasn’t come and has turned his phone off. The carpenter still hasn’t come by with the chairs for the workshop room. And we our plans to go to Oruro to pick up much-needed items for the hostel have been postponed until next weekend. However, we now have a working hammock and non-flooding washing machine, as well as enough guests to keep us busy but not so many to be totally overwhelming yet!

In terms of workshops, despite putting ads out in the newspapers for the Language Exchange and the last-minute Photo workshop, we had the lowest attendance on record! Five people or so for each. So we’re going to have to look at other avenues for advertising for the next workshops and see if we can also get a head start on things next time. Everyone quite liked the workshops and for the language exchange this time, we’ve changed things up a bit and started putting random questions in a bowl for partners to respond to and practice their fluidity with the language. No complaints, but still, we’ll have to work a bit harder to get the word out on these things.

We have a wonderful group of guests who have become like a family again, each time incorporating each new guest into the fold. We had a big BBQ with about 22 people earlier in the week and another guest asked if we wanted to do a Greek roast this Sunday. It was all a big group effort, with everyone helping rub down the chicken and chop veggies. A great family affair on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. Holding babies, sunbathing in the yard, and dancing in the kitchen. What more could we ask for?

Until next week!

The Beehive Staff

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