Infrastructure overload and workshops galore…in a good way?

Things have been wonderfully busy. Lots of drop-ins this week. We also got our new volunteer who is set to be here until June. There is plenty of work to be done at this point. We’ll have to start the process of installing a new water tank to keep the water pressure high. At this point, the Green Room and Orange Room showers are going hot and cold. With more people, we’ve also got to save up for a new fridge as well as more kitchen utensils. Thanks to every one who has been so patient with us as we grow…perhaps a little too fast than we can handle!

As for the community center, we had a great Kid’s Cooking Night again this Sunday. We’ve also found two volunteers to teach basic English to street kids here. Another French guest offered to teach folks how to make crepes. Our next workshop will be a photography basics course and perhaps a pastry class given by a guest who works as a pastry chef in one of Europe’s premier restaurants!

We’re so excited to have The Hive buzzing with movement. People meeting others, crepes being shared, workshops being had, and so on. As we slowly move into high season, we hope that we’ll be able to keep the movement going and continue the good work!

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