100th guest!

Here at the Beehive we’ve been having some frustrating infrastructure problems. The toilet the owner of the house installed has some kind of manufacturing defect and keeps the water running and won’t flush without having to readjust something inside the top of the toilet. Then the showers for the Blue Room are hot because they have a separate water tank. Unfortunately, the others run on the same automatic, gas-powered hot water heater. This means that when the water pressure lowers due to simultaneous use, the hot water heater thinks there is no water to heat and shuts off. This results in hot and cold showers for the Green and Orange Rooms. We only have 11 people at the house right now, so this problem needs to be resolved asap. Electric shower heads, an electric water pump to keep water pressure high, or a separate tank for one more bathroom are all options that we’re going to have to look at this week…BUT we received our 100th guest earlier this week!!!

The carpenter still hasn’t re-delivered the junky chairs he was supposed to have delivered a month and a half ago. The woman who still hasn’t finished making our sheets still hasn’t finished making our sheets. We still need a new fridge, new pans, stickers for our network, a better router, kitchen things for the guest kitchen, and so on…BUT we received our 100th guest in a little less than two months!!!

Also, one of our neighbors, an agronomist, just stopped by to introduce himself and tell us about his desire to teach women living in the outskirts of town and within the city how to grow nutritious food, prepare it, and cook it. He’s as passionate about vitamins and the environment as we are! So we are in talks to offer a series of workshops, depending on if the local mayor’s office can help provide financial support for transportation and so on for those who are far too poor to afford to pay to participate. Of course, we still believe that people need to invest in and commit to their own development, so charging 1Bs is important. Hopefully we can secure funds to cover the rest of the expenses though. Or we may have to wait until June when we can use the hostel as financial support.

All in all, there’s still a lot to be done, but we’re doing alright. We attract a lot of great guests. We have lots of happy customers. The word is spreading. We always have wonderful volunteers. And there are several locals who come find us wanting to get involved in our projects. Onwards and upwards!


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