Kid’s cooking class!

Nikki, our newest volunteer, has been here for the week and we are having a blast! It’s always so sad to see people come and go, but we’re grateful to have such great folks come around all the time.

This week we hosted a children’s cooking class with some students from a school in the outskirts of town. Minus the broken window from the little soccer match in the garden, every one had a grand ol’ time! Next week is a long holiday weekend, so we’ll be putting our workshops on pause until the following week.


The chairs and the sheets still aren’t ready yet, but we’re hoping to find someone to build our lockers soon! Along with that, it looks like it’s time to get back to advertising so we can fill our beds up now. We have a few folks, but need to start getting the numbers up again. If anyone has any clever ideas, please do share! Until then, thanks for reading!

-The Beehive

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