It’s time for reorganization and rest!

This past week was very interesting because we had the Dragons for one last day and at the beginning of the week people just kept piling in until we were maxed out of space! Suddenly Wednesday came by and every one took off in their separate directions and we were left with a small handful of people again. Good news is that we actually made rent, which was due Friday!!! From now on it’s smooth sailing! If there is such a thing when starting any big project.

For the next three weeks we’ll be offering coordinating cooking classes with a friend of ours. He will be teaching a three-week series with kids who work on the outskirts of town. They wake up at 5am every day to work as shoe-shine boys, sell gums and candy, etc. on the street. At 1pm, they go back to school until about 6pm. Most earn sometimes a few Bolivianos a day. Don’t they deserve a break? We think so, and so does our friend. So other workshops, except maybe a language exchange the nextnext week, will be put on hold to prepare for the cooking workshops for the kids.

In other news, our sheets are supposedly finally finished (after being promised four months ago). So instead of having to race to take the sheets off and line dry them outside, we will have a complete set for all 10 beds in the Green Room. As for our chairs, the carpenter not only decided to use a very different wood, but he also pasted together what looks like some particle board in a completely different color than the actual wood. We had to return them because none of the feet of the chairs were even and they were really basically hideous. So let’s see how long it will take again for the chairs to get back to us…

Our cleaning lady didn’t quite work out for us. And now that numbers are down again, it doesn’t make much sense to hire one to come every day. This business has been quite unpredictable, so it’s been hard to figure out how to justify outside help. But we’re learning each time and hopefully things are getting better and better.

We just welcomed another volunteer until the end of April. Her name is Nikki and she’s from the States. She’s just arrived in time to fill the gap between Amelie and Josh.

Thank you world for always being on the lookout for us and sending us support!

The Beehive

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