Imagining a full house

The students have come and gone for the weekend and boy have they taught us a few things. We have unexpectedly had other guests coming in each day this week as well, which has helped us to imagine what it might be like when the house is full. Although the idea of having a cleaner is not ideal, it may not be feasible to not have one when we try to focus on programming and don’t have time to go upstairs to make sure the bathrooms are clean and have enough toilet paper, etc. Plus, quality can go down significantly when instead of attending to people’s needs, we are busy mopping floors. So it looks like we’ll be getting some new staff members soon!

Friday night we had an especially fun traditional Bolivian dance workshop! Our friends at the high school in the outskirts of town came over with some of their students to teach our guests the meaning of some of the dances and even showed them a few moves. Everyone had a great time!

We also got a new volunteer to help us out with the student group. Amelie is from France and has really worked so hard since arriving. We’re completely indebted to her for all her help! We’ve now confirmed volunteers from April until September, which should cover the high season here. The majority of them will be male, which might be nice since this week has also brought us our third male guest so far who has attempted to sexually harassed staff members! It is not fun having to throw people out of the hostel for improper conduct, believe us. Hopefully we won’t be getting anymore of these kind of unpleasant surprises!

Day by day we get more and more guests coming by. A few weeks ago the only reason we had guests was because the ones that came liked it too much here to leave, but new folks weren’t really coming around. Now we’re sitting back and relaxing as people pop by at the most unexpected of times! Looks like all the hard work is paying off! As soon as we cover the rent, we can hopefully start bringing in more staff to give us more time to plan for regular programming!!!

Fingers crossed!

The Beehive

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