Our first big group!

Our big group of students arrived this Sunday morning! They were so grateful for the whole grain french toast and for the comfortable beds and views. It’s really nice to have them here and we’re kind of glad that the other guests took this opportunity to make a run for it so we could focus a little more handling the group itself as practice for the future. We said we could offer them a few extra meals as well and this will be great practice for when we are able to start our Sunday community dinners! They decided to go to Tarabuco for the day, so we thought it would be nice to offer a BBQ in the back yard/garden for when they returned. Boy were we wrong!

Most of us haven’t had any experience with coal-based grills, so instead of serving dinner at 7pm, most of the meal wasn’t entirely finished until 9pm! BUT, it was a learning experience and to this we can say “NEVER AGAIN!” Well, unless we start earlier, have a bigger BBQ that was not borrowed from Amanda’s neighbors, and actually know how to light a proper fire for the coals. In the end, they were happy enough, and at least we can still wow them with our breakfasts! As we start out, it seems best to stick to what we know and what we’ve practiced though.

This past week we also let go of one of our previous members-in-training and so we had quite a handful to deal with. Luckily, however, we’ve also had a lot of help from friends and volunteers. Just in the nick of time! If anyone knows anyone who would like to volunteer with us from mid-March to April, please send them our way. We now have a volunteer for April and May, another from June to mid-July, and two interns from mid-July to September! Pretty much all of high season should be covered at this point. But we have one little hole from mid-March to April that hopefully someone will be able to fill.

Once most of the outside “pendientes” are tied up, we will have more time to focus on more important things than chasing people around to do things they are contracted to do. It’s still difficult to really get the workshops running with all the things that have to be done to accomodate guests. Plus, rent is due soon and there still isn’t enough to cover it, so the real focus is on the hostel right now. But things are going fairly well. Almost too well. We’ve had so many guests in such a short time and word is really spreading so we should be grateful. It looks as though we might have to start hiring out soon to help take care of things as we bide our time looking for suitable women to join our team. If anyone knows anyone, porfa dinos!

All for now!

The Beehive

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