A busy month!

Hello all!

We’ve had quite the busy month. The student group came to chat with us and one of their students came by again this week to ask to volunteer with us in June, which is great! We had some friends from Sustainable Bolivia come take a little weekend vacation in Sucre. They arrived early morning on Saturday. Making 60 pancakes on Saturday morning was quite the challenge, but we were so sad to see the majority of them go today! Our Dragons student group arrives in a week and now we’re scrambling to get the menus and activities together for their visit. Our friends at Oxfam are thinking of renting out our community space/workshop room for their meetings. We really love hosting people and making them feel like they’re at home at The Beehive. This has been a really lovely week with all the activity and good weather. Hopefully we can slowly fill up and keep up the attendance at our activities as we move forward. The most rewarding part of this week has been hearing new guests tell us how they’ve heard about us from all around Bolivia! Word of mouth has been really spreading very quickly and we’re really proud to hear all the people who leave tell us how great their stay was, how amazing the house was, and how unforgettable the breakfasts were. People who come to our activities are so happy with them and most people who can stay longer usually do. We’re starting to create our little family over here. What more could we ask for? Thanks to every one who has supported us and helped us to make this happen. And thank you to every one who has come and gone who has helped to spread the word about our little Beehive!

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