Language exchanges, pilates, and Mexican cooking class!

Carnaval in the city is now officially over and we are back to cracking the whip on the other things that need to get done. For instance, starting our workshops!!! Since we are in low season and we’re only just starting to get the word out, we might as well try to use this time to make use of our community space.

Our friends at CIES came by this week to check out our space. They’re considering having us host all of their workshops in our workshop room. We’d provide refreshments and lunch, and if they have folks coming from out of town, they can have them stay with us upstairs as well. We’ll put in our proposal this Monday and see how it goes!

This week we also hosted a chat session with a group of students from the US led by Where There Be Dragons, or “Dragons’ for short. What a great group of really culturally respectful and interested students! Since they were going to be in town, we decided to invite them to our Language Exchange, where we pair locals and foreigners for five minutes of chatting in Spanish and five minutes in English before we switch them to another partner. Sort of like speed dating, except with language practice! We ended up with a group of about 30 people and the event (as well as the whole grain tortilla chips and guacamole) was a hit! We thank every one for coming and we’re so glad that people enjoyed themselves so much and would like to come back again. The plan is to offer the language exchange on a weekly basis, every Saturday afternoon.

We’re also beginning to offer pilates/stretch classes in the evenings as well this week (before it was only MWF mornings at 7am). Evening classes will be Tuesdays and Thursday at 7.30pm.

Next Sunday we’re also having a Mexican friend of ours come in and teach a Mexican cooking class in the evening! If anyone is interested in coming, please let us know!

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