It’s been a fairly calm weekend here at The Beehive. Our last volunteer left this week and has been replaced with a woman  from France. At the moment it’s just her and another guest, as the rest have gone to party it up in Oruro for Carnaval or have taken a bit of a break for the holidays. Outside of the house, things have been as uproarious as expected on the streets. Water ballons, water buckets, and water guns blazing. We’ve had to close the doors as the bands rove by, bringing along with them several groups of drunken men and youth. Walking the streets these days is apparently not such a great idea.

We’ve confirmed that a group of students from the States will be arriving on the 4th, however. It will be our first big group and we’re in the process of organizing and confirming activities and events for them. We’re super excited about connecting them with volunteer opportunities and planning cultural events, workshops, and lectures for them to learn about the realities of Bolivian life.

Next week we have a couple people returning, a new volunteer from France coming in, and hopefully every one will have recuperated from the holidays and will be ready to work again so we can get back to work! Hopefully we can also get more guests in whom we can ask to review us on That and so we can organize weekly wallyball games!

Til next week!

The Beehive Staff


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