A week of many “firsts.”

This week we officially got The Beehive on a host of different travel websites, including http://www.hostelbookers.com, http://www.hostels.com, www.hostelworld.com, http://www.couchsurfing.org, and www.wikitravel.org. We’re still waiting on tripadvisor; lonely planet will take a bit to update our info from hostelworld; and we’re looking into starting a wwoofing site for Bolivia (as one currently does not exist) for once we get out organic garden and compost set up. We had our first official booking through one of the engines and are awaiting the arrival of a few other guests this week as well.

In the meantime, the new oven (which was bought with several generous donations) had to be tested and the breakfast recipes and timing needed to be figured out. Hence, we took the opportunity to invite some friends of The Beehive over Saturday morning to test our recipes on them and get some feedback. Although we ran out of eggs and were unable to test the whole wheat french toast and whole grain egg and cheese breakfast quesadillas on them, we did manage to get 100% positive feedback on our multigrain pancakes, fruit salad with natural yogurt and homemade granola, veggie frittata, oatmeal with nuts and seeds, and our fresh fruit smoothies. Every one was very impressed and said that it had to be the best brunch/breakfast in town, if not all of Bolivia! We might decide to offer two Sunday dinners and two Sunday brunches in the future since every one enjoyed it so much and it turned out to be such a jovial affair.

2013-01-19 21.18.50 2013-01-18 20.29.58

Breakfast Taste Test

Also, all of us at The Beehive have created and begun posting to our individual blogs in order to document the progress of this project and its effects on us. These blogs as well as this one for The Beehive itself will be updated at least once a week. The hope is that in two years time, we’ll be able to trace back how all this has changed us, hopefully for the better!

This week we also began offering pilates/stretch classes on MWF mornings. We’re beginning with a group of teachers who teach in a high school in the outskirts of town. They’re a wonderful and supportive group that will also be renting our space for their meetings and events.

Lastly, we’ve been really excited to have reached over 100 Likes on Facebook in about a month, including many new fans from around the world and from all walks of life! We’ve received extremely supportive emails from people who have stumbled upon our website through google searches and have reached out to tell us how inspiring this project is. We cannot describe how happy it makes us to read these emails and to know that our project is beginning to have global reaches! Thanks to every one for supporting and infusing us with your hope and excitement!

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