Open for business and marketing!

We and a host of our supporters have worked really hard for the past month to get to where we are today — ready! The hostel is ready to accommodate guests (minus the lockers, since the guy who was supposed to deliver them disappeared and we are in the process of hunting him down)! If you haven’t seen our pics on Facebook or here on our website, you’re missing out. They’ll do you proud.

In an attempt to streamline communications and resolve conflicts as we move forward, we spent most of yesterday in a workshop with a volunteer mediator who helped us to remember why we’re here and how we can work better with one another. This house has now become our baby and however much we may bump heads about things, we need to learn how to work together and solve our problems to take care of what matters most to us: this project. Indeed, working in community with others can be as challenging as it is rewarding, so here we are…trying. If anyone has any tips they want to share from their experiences, please share!

Next up this week, we are moving forward full steam with our marketing and outreach. This week it’s connecting with sister orgs to send volunteers to and collaborate on research with. We’re also now up on,, and are waiting on,, and We also just started a group on We’re searching for volunteers and/or couchsurfers willing to help us spread the word and bring in guests, help us create an organic compost bin and start our garden for our Sunday dinners, and/or help paint our Family Tree on the entrance wall.

Lastly, we’re going to offer our first morning stretch/pilates class tomorrow, so that should be fun! Stay tuned on how things turn out!

Until next week,

The Beehive

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