Doing the new year right.

Alright folks, we’re trying to get our ducks in a row here in terms of the social media stuff. Up until this point we’ve basically been inundated with work at the Hive, trying to get things fixed up and ready to open. Hopefully we can sort things out now that things have calmed down a bit. We’ve been more focused on our FB page and have been neglecting this and our twitter, but we hope to be more communicative soon!

All in all, the painting and cleaning, etc. is all pretty much done. Now we’re just waiting on the lockers, some bits of furniture, and for the 3rd floor bathroom to finally be finished. The lockers were supposed to be delivered the 8th of December. The guy is nowhere in sight and his phone no longer works. Hopefully guests arriving soon will be able to bear with us, since it will take a couple months to see a spike in the number of people upstairs anyway.

Those looking to book a room can contact us directly, as our info has yet to be processed at,,,, and We should be able to accept guests starting tomorrow!

We’re also hoping to start planning our workshops in the next week, so please look out for that as well.

Thanks for your interest and patience!

The Beehive

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