About Us

The Beehive Project

Welcome! We are a hostel, community center (we help diferents centers around the city), situated within the burgeoning Spanish language and cultural tourism industry of Sucre, Bolivia.

The Beehive serves as a community economic development project and women’s entrepreneurial incubator. Our goal is to empower women in Bolivia to work together to gain economic independence and self-determination through hands-on cooperative business training. We believe it is indeed possible to do good and do well.

We also strive to create innovative community programs that engage both tourists and residents, providing both groups with opportunities to build meaningful friendships and intercultural exchanges. Please click on the other sections to learn more about our services and programs.

About Bolivia

Bolivia lies in the heart of South America. It is home to several indigenous groups, which make up the majority of the population. It is also the first Latin American nation in history to have elected an indigenous president, Evo Morales. Despite being the most money-poor country in South America, Bolivia remains relatively peaceful, dignified, and rich with cultural treasures and traditions. Whether you speak Spanish or not, you’ll undoubtedly find here the most friendly and open people in Latin America!

About Sucre

Sucre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also known as “La Cuidad Blanca” due to its colonial architecture and ubiquitously white buildings. A quaint university town nestled amidst the Andes, it offers international tourists temperate conditions year round, a variety of Spanish schools, a host of museums and cultural and (prehistoric!) landmarks, a warm and friendly local culture, and a fantastic selection of cafés and restaurants — all at budget-friendly prices. In general, Sucre is best enjoyed on a short, sightseeing visit or a longer stay that may include taking Spanish or Quechua classes or volunteering. If you’re interested in volunteering, please see our “Support Us” section for more details.

Beehive Places / Lugares del Beehive

Es con mucho gusto que The Beehive le presenta su mapa personalizado de Sucre.
¡Un mapa ecológico, que no mata ni un árbol!
¡Un mapa sin internet, que te siga en todos lugares!
Lo único que tienes que hacer es bajarlo aquí:

*Si usted está utilizando Adobe Acrobat Reader (iphone, android y windows) o iBooks (iPhone), puede usar el touchscreen para navegar con más facilidad por el documento. En el caso que no lo tenga, está disponible gratuitamente para IOS, Android y Windows en sus respectivas tiendas de apps.


The Beehive is glad to present its personalized Map of Sucre.
An ecological map, not killing any tree!
An internet free map, to follow you everywhere!
The only thing you have to do is to download it here:

*If you are opening the map with Adobe Acrobat Reader (iphone, android and windows) or iBooks (iPhone), you can use the touchscreen to browse more easily through the document. In case you don’t have it, you can download the app for free for IOS, Android, and Windows from their respective stores.

Walking Google Map of Sucre

No more looking like a lost tourist on the corner with a wrinkled, upside-down map! This is the bread and butter of Sucre’s best places to see, eat, visit, etc. all within a simple GoogleMap that you can open up and use on your phone to guide you around the center of town! Trust us, we don’t get paid to advertise, so it’s all based on local knowledge and experience.